Subsquid’s First Public Testnet Closes April 1st

TL;DR - Subsquid testnet closes on April 1st. Connect your CoinList email here by March 29th.

The largest public testnet for any data infrastructure protocol ever carried out will conclude on April 1st, 2024, in approximately one week. The campaign, first announced on CoinList last year, set out to assess the resilience and security of key network functionalities and kickstart the development of a decentralized community of developers and non-technical participants. All testnet goals have been accomplished. 

A big thanks to everyone joining our testnet and helping us achieve the following numbers: 

  • Total decentralized indexers deployed: 50594
  • Verified developers: 21355
  • Total participants: 46392

For a complete overview of the testnet and its reward structure, please visit the official CoinList deal page. That page is the single source of truth. 

If you participated in our Coinlist testnet, here are the steps you must complete to ensure you’ll receive your rewards. 

Your Next Steps 

  1. By March 29th, ensure that your email in the Subsquid app matches your CoinList account. You can do so in your profile settings.
  2. Follow all Subsquid social media channels to stay informed about who receives rewards. We will release this information on April 1. 
    1. You will be given information on this date about how to carry out KYC with CoinList.
    2. Worker node operators may choose to take down their nodes on this date.
    3. IMPORTANT → Verify all links very carefully. You do not need to log into any app in order to see the leaderboard or any other results.
  3. CoinList will distribute rewards following their listing of the SQD token. 

If you have any questions, please contact us on the official Discord